Crypto Wallets

A fully decentralized crypto wallet that supports deposits of Spaceium, Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. We will be looking into the option to extend this feature to the top 10 cryptos in the near future.


FIAT Bank Account

We will offer the future to order a mastercard with a IBAN bank account with the main currency of EURO within the spaceium platform. Use it anywhere and anytime all over the world. Low transaction and monthly fees.


Point of Sale System

We understand that many businesses are tired of the high processing fees, we believe in a system that cares for the small businesses. Get paid instantly anywhere with our own POS terminals, with fair payment processing fees.


Staking & Masternodes

Spaceium are providing solutions for sustainability and users will be able to easily stake coins, or even start a masternodes to support the network and enjoy unique rewards to be able to pay ZERO fees for transactions.

Money Transfers

By integrating blockchain and fintech companies we believe that sending money worldwide to your friends, loved ones or anyone should be as easy as sending a text message. Easily send money worldwide to a persons email address or phone number.

Blockchain Information


Algorithm: Quark
Blocktime: 1 minute
Block Reward: 25 SPM
Transaction Confirmation: 2 minutes
Staker's Reward: 15% of Block Reward
Masternodes Reward: 85% of Block Reward
Masternode Collateral: 2500 SPM
Premine: 4.000.000 SPM

Debit Cards



Do KYC instantly to get verified and startup your bank account.


Order your physical debit card

Start Using Your Card

When you have received your debit card in the mail you can start using it on all Mastercard accepted shops in the world.


Merchants & POS Systems

  • B2C Solutions
  • Marketplace
  • On and Offline Payments
  • KYC
  • No Startup Fees
  • Our own POS System
  • Fair Processing Fees
  • Get Money Instantly
  • Merchant Portal
  • No Startup Fees


Download your wallet to start using the SPM Blockchain for sending and receiving, staking or setting up a masternode.

Masternode Guide

Setup your masternode easily with our Masternode Guide. If you were to have any problems or need help. Contact us on the support discord channel.

Masternode Guide  Discord Support

ICO Information



Per Coin

  • Coin for sale: 250.000 SPM
  • Level Value: 200.000 €

ICO Level 1


Per Coin

  • Coin for sale: 750.000 SPM
  • Level Value: 900.000 €
ICO Level 2


Per Coin

  • Coin for sale: 2.000.000 SPM
  • Level Value: 3.200.000 €

Please remember to add your SPM address on the purchase page!


About Us

Spaceium is created by a group of entrepreneurs that have experience in different fields. We are new names into the crypto space but have been here for a long time. We think our vision and idea is so brilliant because the competition is none.

Nils-Julius Byrkjeland
Founder & CEO/CTO
Kåre Benjamin Byrkjeland
Co-founder & CMO/CPO
Isak Håkon Caldwell
Co-founder & CFO


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